Monday, March 27, 2023

Sunday wrap-up

Why am I blogging while watching football? Well besides that fact that its party time because the Buffalo Bills destroyed Seattle, something just sparked...

How to Autopost from WordPress to Twitter

I was trying to to take a step out of posting something on Wordpress and then the need to go to Twitter to post....

Alliances can often be better than taking on the world alone

CNN recently announced that they are going to start offering a wire service to newspapers. Having experience working at a newspaper I know that...

Sears is completely clueless

I was trying to look at game tables for Christmas and Sears wouldn't let me without registering. Since when did I need to use...

‘Tis the season to be incompatible

I have a huge problem with Christmas. Why don't any of the Christmas light bulbs fit in the other light bulb sockets? I went...

What are people willing to pay for?

People expect news to be free online. Why? Because its free on tv right? Sort of--if you pay for cable or DirecTV its not...

The New Time of Caring

I've come across a new--new to me anyway--phenomenon--the new time of caring. Weird title I know. And surely the phenomenon isn't new--but it just...

How AAA might go to A minus

In a time when companies are finding their market shares being eaten by online monsters like Google the best thing isn't to try and...

Social shopping

There are two reasons I never buy clothes online: I don't know how they will fit or look on me. I'd love to be...

How to check if Java JDK installed on Mac

When trying to upload my game to Google for Android I had to figure out what JDK of Java was on my Mac. If...
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