Friday, May 24, 2024

Learn Project Management with Basecamp – Online

Become a Project Management Ninja. You can go from managing projects in your email to managing them in Basecamp-used by companies like NIKE, FOX,...

The Simon Cowell Lesson

Simon Cowell is proof positive that being the best in the world at one thing is amazingly valuable. Fox offered him over $100 million...

Cloning the good and moving beyond the bad

Fast Company had a really good article about finding bright spots and cloning them. Nearly every company has some aspect that is good--perhaps far...

Going above and beyond

My family was going to order a pizza at our favorite pizza place, until we called and they didn't answer. I called every where...

Why LandRollers rollerblades missed the boat with Cesar Millan

I've been a fan of Dog Whisper and Cesar Millan for years. I credit him for my having a fairly obedient German Shepherd. Realizing...

Some companies get it–some don’t

Here are three companies and I'm wondering if you can guess which two understand their customers and how to reward their patronage:1. Borders2. Barnes...

Random haunted house idea

What makes haunted houses less scary? The anticipation. You know something creepy is around every corner. That takes the level of fear down a...

How to check Google Analytics code

Have you just gone through our steps on how to put Google Analytics on your Wordpress or website? If so, you might want to...

What every business could learn from Netflix

Why does Netflix have a cult following? Well if you read an email I received from them you'd understand."Dear Charlie,As you may know, we...

How much does it cost me for you to sell me something?

Here is the scenario, and maybe a few of you have gone through this, but I’m still wholesale jerseys shaking my head...
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