Friday, December 8, 2023

Fear of crowds

If a crowd is swarming do you run to it or run away from it? I guess the answer depends on whether they are...

Solved: How to Find the Eclipse path on Mac or Windows

If you are using Eclipse to work on Java programming and need to import a file but get an error it's most likely your...

Go Daddy customer service is surprising

Far too often our experiences with customer service is painful. And it often happens overseas. Over the past few days I've dealt with Go...

Shaking hands with the people

Free is great. Free concerts are better. Recently our city had a free concert in the park with a well known band from the...

Only preach when action matches

There are a lot of companies that preach greatness but retain average, at best, employees. They allow them to wallow in the company while...

Weka Data Mining Tutorial – Part Two

In our first tutorial you learned how to data mine on your own computer and run complex predictions with Weka open source software. This second...

Why I love WolframAlpha

I know I've confessed my love for Google, but it has its limits. Like the phase of the moon today. Or how many feet...

Where can I buy Oxyfresh?

That's the exact question I tried to sort out. But when I went to their website that information was no where to be found....

What does your customer want?

So what do your customers want? I have no idea. Have you ever asked them?Ask yourself one question: Why do I make my product/service/etc.?Then...

‘Tis the season to be incompatible

I have a huge problem with Christmas. Why don't any of the Christmas light bulbs fit in the other light bulb sockets? I went...
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