Tuesday, April 23, 2024

New Research Shows Artificial Intelligence (AI) May Replace Invasive Glucose Testing

Today, measuring blood glucose involves pricking a finger with a needle attached to a device. The blood sample is then analyzed by a continuous...
machine learning

AI to Develop and Bring New Drugs to Market Faster

Artificial intelligence could cut down the time it takes to develop and bring new drugs to the market, according to the National Academy of...
AI blur

Scientists Developed an AI System that Removes Blur from Images in Post-Production

Scientists at the Inception Institute of Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates, the Beijing Institute of Technology and Stony Brook University have developed...
Deep learning around corners

Deep Learning has enabled real-time views around corners in cars

Researchers are using deep learning to create a new laser-based system that can peer around corners in real-time. This may allow self-driving cars to...

EU is considering laws to make sure AI is used in an ethical way

The EU is set to propose new rules to "high-risk sectors" and is an attempt to catch up to the U.S. and China on...

Apple Buys AI company Xnor.ai

Apple has acquired artificial intelligence company Xnor.ai. Xnor.ai build tools that help AI algorithms to run on devices rather than data centers. Xnor.ai came...

Google’s DeepMind found learning technique that works in human brains

DeepMind has found that a machine learning technique called distributional reinforcement learning also provides a new explanation for how the reward pathways in the...

Evolution Algorithms? Scientists create first living machine made of 100% frog DNA

Scientists used computer algorithms to mimic evolution made of 100% frog DNA. Well, it kind of evolved since it's not really a frog. Researchers...

Google’s new AI models give nearly instantaneous weather forecasts

Google is now in the weather business with "nearly instantaneous" weather forecasts. Google’s researchers say that they can generate accurate rainfall predictions up to six...

Springville Utah police consider artificial intelligence to help solve crimes

The Springville police department in Utah is considering partnering with artificial intelligence company, Banjo, to gather real-time data from various sources — 911 dispatch...
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