Best practices for naming variables in Python


When naming variables in Python there are some best practices that we will discuss. If you don’t follow the best practices you’ll get errors and that will suck.

  • Python variable names can contain only letters, numbers, and underscores.
  • Python variable names can start with a letter or an underscore, but they cannot start with a number. Example:  thisworks_1 will work however 1_thisdoesntwork will not work.
  • Spaces are not allowed in Python variable names.
  • Python variable should not contain keywords and function names as variable names.
  • It is best if your Python variable names are short. You will often see people use x or y or ab but it would be better to use bank_location vs. x or city_name vs cn.
  • Python variable structure is best when using lowercase and stick to a naming convention.



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