Friday, May 24, 2024

MIT is Using AI to Predict What Roads look like Behind Obstructions

MIT is working with Qatar Computing Research Institute to build-out maps with AI. "While visiting Qatar, we’ve had experiences where our Uber driver can’t...

MIT is Working on Making Neuro-symbolic AI Reason like Humans

David Cox, head of the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, believes neuro-symbolic AI will bridge the game that keeps computers from reasoning like humans today. "A...

17 Best WordPress Plugins in 2017

There are many lists of the best WordPress plugins and this is just another list with plugins that are must own plugins when you...

Windows 7: Is Flash crashing your browser?

After a lot of searching and researching I figured out why Flash was crashing in every browser on my new Dell Studio 17. IDT...

The top job search websites — really?

Sure, there are some pretty good websites out there that help find a job. But do they really do the job? Sites like HotJobs...

Why are tires so boring?

Automobile tires have looked the same forever. Sure, the size, tread, quality and such have changed. But what we see hasn't. Tires are black....

How to turn free into making money

Arena football teams have a tough time filling arenas made for NBA, NHL and other franchise teams. The problem is most people haven't experienced...

Alliances can often be better than taking on the world alone

CNN recently announced that they are going to start offering a wire service to newspapers. Having experience working at a newspaper I know that...

Best Buy part 2

Best Buy does pretty well. So why don't they have toilet seat covers? Sure, they provide more piece of mind than actual protection, but...

Does Wal-Mart care?

Ebay has been working hard to help you spend your money--but get a lot of stuff cheaper. We all know that Wal-Mart is the...
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