Friday, May 24, 2024

What is Wifi Assist and why you want to turn it off

Facebook is often the best place to find people sharing rumors and falsehoods but one recent one about huge phone bills from data overages...

How to install PYQT on your Mac OSX

Want a simple way to install PyQT on OSX? If you have homebrew you can install simply with the following commands: brew install qt brew install...

Solved: Retrieve public RSA key on Mac for Git

Ever created a key and either didn't save it or forgot where it was all together? Well, if you are on a Mac, you...

How to check if Java JDK installed on Mac

When trying to upload my game to Google for Android I had to figure out what JDK of Java was on my Mac. If...
data science

Solved: Error: could not find function “cast”

If you've been trying to cast in R and have run into the following error: Error: could not find function "cast" Then here is the solution....

Solved: SSL: certificate verification failed with R and twitteR

Have you been trying to use R and hook it up with something like twitteR and got an SSL error message? Me too. But I...

Solution: Ever get Locked out of WordPress Login on Local Host?

If you've ever moved a site to your local installation of Wordpress and for whatever reason got locked out and your password or username...
data science

What is a Data Scientist

Just like a scientist using the scientific method, a data scientist looks closely and observes data – they generate questions and are naturally curious...

Weka Data Mining Tutorial – Part Two

In our first tutorial you learned how to data mine on your own computer and run complex predictions with Weka open source software. This second...

Weka Data Mining Tutorial – Part One

Do you have data and hope to make some predictions and can't afford SAP or IBM? Well, Weka to the rescue. You can data...
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