How to turn free into making money


Arena football teams have a tough time filling arenas made for NBA, NHL and other franchise teams. The problem is most people haven’t experienced these teams. Not everyone will enjoy it, but there are ways to still make money while giving game tickets away for free.

How about the first game, or first few games, giveaway all the tickets for free. Money will still be made from concessions.

I’d also force those who want free tickets to enter into a lottery online. Potential winners would be forced to give correct demographic information because tickets will be mailed. Entrants would also have to give an email address so that they can get emails from the team throughout the season. I’d make this email a forced opt-in for the entire season if you give them free tickets.. that’s part of the deal. This allows you to offer them ticket deals and sell a highly targeted advertising spot in the emails. Of course you shouldn’t send this email more than once a week or you risk it getting deleted before its ever read.


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