Why are tires so boring?


Automobile tires have looked the same forever. Sure, the size, tread, quality and such have changed. But what we see hasn’t. Tires are black. Tires are boring. Tires have never been exciting. Rims and hubcaps have changed but not the tire. It’s sort of like toilet paper. The same old boring thing.

The question is: are tires already perfect and beyond the need for change? I don’t think anyone believes toilet paper as is does the best for what we need it to do. Same goes for tires.

We can make white walls and white letters so why not white tires? Why not pink tires. Why not tires that have your favorite sport’s teams logo on them? I’m not going to try and come up with the next generation of tires and how to make them cool, but right now they are the least cool thing on your car. And cars are things we like to decorate with all sorts of unnecessary things–things that make companies lots of money.

Is there something at your company that is the tire? If there is how do you fix it and take a really big leap forward? The first thing is to recognize its a tire. The second thing is taking a risk and making it something exciting and great.


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