Saturday, December 9, 2023

Wanna win customers over?

There are a few different movie theater companies in the Salt Lake City area but there is only one that we frequent with our...

Why buying software sucks

Recently our company had to buy an editorial system. That has nothing to do with our website's content management system--except that the company that...

Why a website can really save you money

Recently I had a problem with a hinge on my Dell laptop. I called Dell and thanks to our company's service agreement they came...

Random thoughts

I like to save money. So occasionally I take the train to work. Every time I get out of work and pickup my car...

What does your customer want?

So what do your customers want? I have no idea. Have you ever asked them?Ask yourself one question: Why do I make my product/service/etc.?Then...

What you don’t tell customers might kill you

I just got off the phone with a survey company. They were surveying me about my recent interaction with GM.The amazing thing was how...

Alliances can often be better than taking on the world alone

CNN recently announced that they are going to start offering a wire service to newspapers. Having experience working at a newspaper I know that...

How much does it cost me for you to sell me something?

Here is the scenario, and maybe a few of you have gone through this, but I’m still wholesale jerseys shaking my head...

How to turn free into making money

Arena football teams have a tough time filling arenas made for NBA, NHL and other franchise teams. The problem is most people haven't experienced...

If its not a golden rule it should be

Yes, we all get busy, but how hard is it to call someone back within 24 hours to get business? Recently I called one...
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