Monday, March 27, 2023

Rock Star 101

Here is the dilemma. Your a rock star and you need to sell CDs. Remember those? The round plastic spinning things? Well those CDs...

How to turn free into making money

Arena football teams have a tough time filling arenas made for NBA, NHL and other franchise teams. The problem is most people haven't experienced...

Customer Service

I went into a local Radio Shack looking for an enclosure for a hard drive. The bad news was they didn't have it.. the...

Where are the parent review sites?

If someone knows of a website where I can find out what movies and video games are appropriate for kids please let me know....

Shaking hands with the people

Free is great. Free concerts are better. Recently our city had a free concert in the park with a well known band from the...

Coupons and when they really inspire customers to be marketers

I took my daughter in wholesale jerseys to get her haircut. And while she was fun in the process, I...

Wanna win customers over?

There are a few different movie theater companies in the Salt Lake City area but there is only one that we frequent with our...

Why a website can really save you money

Recently I had a problem with a hinge on my Dell laptop. I called Dell and thanks to our company's service agreement they came...

We gonna rock down to YouTube

You know where my favorite place is to hear new music? YouTube. And not the videos--just songs people upload to nothing more than...

Free pizza and motor oil

Although those of us with marketing degrees hate to admit it, but marketing is often common sense. So, when you own a restaurant and...
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