Alliances can often be better than taking on the world alone


CNN recently announced that they are going to start offering a wire service to newspapers. Having experience working at a newspaper I know that CNN will be in for the fight of their lives for two reasons.
1. Newspapers don’t have much money to spend
2. They will be competing with AP–which newspapers have an ownership interest in. (even though I blogged that AP might be ready to go down for the count–don’t count on it any time soon)

If I were CNN I’d partner with local papers rather than be a syndicate. Here’s how I’d do it and the benefits.
1. Work with local paper and provide them with world/national articles for print and the web. This offers CNN local branding in print and links/branding online.
2. Provide CNN video for newspaper websites. Another branding opportunity and links. Also, if a local newspaper affiliate has interesting video then use theirs on the CNN website with link back.
3. Provide a much needed commentary for newspapers.
4. Put those newspaper articles of national interest on the CNN website with links back to newspaper.
5. Link back and forth as much as possible, thus bringing a larger audience to both companies.


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