Windows 7: Is Flash crashing your browser?


After a lot of searching and researching I figured out why Flash was crashing in every browser on my new Dell Studio 17. IDT drivers. What is that? Well they are theĀ  more advanced sound drivers. The problem with most of the solutions found online is that they require you to delete your soundcard drivers. Well you can do something a bit simpler, at least until the problem is solved.

The solution:

Go to your Control Panel.

>Click “Hardware and Sound”

>Click “Sound”

>Click “Speakers” and properties and the lower right

>Click the tab “Enhancements” and click the empty box next to “Disable all enhancements” and then click OK.

Problem solved. Don’t you love the internet?


  1. Didn’t work Charlie, Flash now crashes in Chrome, Explorer, Firefox and Opera. I can’t watch Flash on my computer anymore.


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