The New Time of Caring


I’ve come across a new–new to me anyway–phenomenon–the new time of caring. Weird title I know. And surely the phenomenon isn’t new–but it just started to happen to me over and over again and finally it started to become an interesting reality.

So what is the new time of caring?

It’s when you tell someone they need something–like a new web design–and it becomes the most important thing in the world to them. On a few occasions a company ask for my opinion on their web site or other interactive needs–and I’ve told them they weren’t very good. Suddenly they can’t present their old website at an upcoming event and they are in a rush to get a website up to save face.

It’s interesting to ponder the many reasons. Did they suspect they had issues already and want feedback? Did they think they were okay and were surprised by the feedback? Certainly there are many variations–but it makes me wonder why anyone would ever let any product suffer that represents their company. Every piece of a company represents itand they should all be held to the same standards.


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