The Buffalo Bills considering Mike Shanahan–blessing or nightmare?


Everyone is reporting that the Bills are going to drop major cash on Mike Shanahan. As a huge Buffalo Bills fan I’m trying to decide whether this is good or bad news. I’d prefer Bill Cowher but word is that he isn’t interested in the Bills job. I don’t blame him. The team is in shambles. However, whoever turns around this miserable franchise will be a God in Western New York and certainly solidify their hall-of-fame careers (hint: Cowher or Shanahan).

Here is my concern: Shanahan gets free reign of the team. He might be a great coach, but I don’t want him as the General Manager, too. Let’s not forget that this is the guy who started Griese, picked up Jake Plummer and one season essentially transplanted the Cleveland Browns’ defense. That could be the nightmare.

However, Shanahan would be a real blessing if you came in and installed that amazing offense, got a hall-of-fame quarterback, stout offensive line and tough linebackers.


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