How to spread great word of mouth about your product/service


Recently on vacation my wife and I took a Kayak tour in Kauai, Hawaii. Not only was the guide extremely nice, but he was amazingly knowledgeable. We were served well at an amazing price and educated along the way.

By the time we left Kauai we told at least a dozen people we met along the way about the kayaking company. I don’t know how many used the company for kayaking after we told them, but imagine if they all did. We just increased our value to the company 12 fold.

And during our tour our guide shared some dried Mango with us. Guess what everyone asked: where did you get this from? I can tell you that we bought some from the store and shared it the next day on another hiking trail with a couple who wanted to know where we bought it from.

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to be great. And if you are great your business will thrive.


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