Cloning the good and moving beyond the bad


Fast Company had a really good article about finding bright spots and cloning them. Nearly every company has some aspect that is good–perhaps far better than others.

It made me think immediately about agencies that I know and work with. There are agencies that do great things. But some might be lagging in certain areas. Do you hang on to those lagging areas because they bring in incremental dollars or do you go after what you do best? It seems obvious, but its a hard questions for many agencies. And there are many non-agencies that do the same.

How much effort or cost does it take to keep hoping a small part of your business will take off? How much of a distraction is it? There are endless questions, but they are all necessary. It’s hard to take a look at your own company and make a tough decision, however the payoff could be much larger in the end.


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