Share? What do you mean share? It’s called stealing


Too many companies fear crowds. They fear these crowds might link to their videos. Are they afraid of success? Of course not, the funny thing is their fear of losing control of their content they are actually hurting themselves more.

If you love music and videos and YouTube then you might find yourself watching one of your favorite artists videos on the website. Perhaps you’ve blogged about a certain video and wanted to embed it onto your blog–like millions do every day. Well, if your artist is on the BMG/Sony you won’t be embedding it any time soon. Nope, Sony’s ignorance, and arrogance, is too big for that. So no Shakira shaking it for your friends. Or the new Jennifer Hudson video. And Sony wonders why they are hemorrhaging money.

But if you like the Jonas Brothers (Hollywood Records), T.I. (Atlantic Records) or Robin Thicke (Interscope Records) you can happily embed their videos on your blog, website, or any other thing you have online. Facebook anybody?

When artists like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails are giving their music away, and only asking fans to pay what they think is resonable, it is insanity to have a record label not want to spread their artists music virally. I think we can all do without the arrogance that still exists with record labels like Sony.

Watch the first video from a Rivers Cuomo (Weezer’s lead singer) series where YouTube members help him write a song. Now that is viral marketing. Genius!


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