Why the NFL are morons


I’m not sure I totally believe that the NFL are morons; however, those nationally televised games on Thanksgiving sucked. They really sucked.

I’m tired of watching the horrible Lions lose again and again every Thanksgiving. Does anyone see them playing Sunday or Monday night? There is a reason. They suck. And Dallas against the Raiders? Seriously? The Raiders? It was like watching a train wreck with silver and black. The interesting thing about it all is that the NFL Network had the only game worth watching. So is the NFL evil geniuses or fools?

Lets get serious. The only ones who think watching the Lions and Dallas on Thanksgiving is a tradition is the NFL. No one else cares. I watched a few quarters of football today and I’m as big a football fan as it gets. But that football sucked. And the NFL are idiots for forcing us to put up with lackluster football. Thanksgiving should be a tradition of football–good football.

Here is what should be done. Make at least one Thanksgiving game open for the game of the week–except if it were going to be the Sunday or Monday night games. Make it interesting. Otherwise it’s “Home Alone 2” for me.


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