What are some online lead generation techniques for companies?


That’s a big question. It depends on what you are trying to do. I had a friend call me the other day asking how to do lead generation for her small company and I figured it might be a good thing to post up for everyone. I’ll slightly switch her company and give an example as if she were offering online tutoring services.

1. First, it’s a given that you need a website. Easiest to go with is WordPress. I cannot even begin here to get into building websites. So I’ll assume you have that part down.

2. Make sure you have a contact form. More than a few times friends with business websites forget to add any form of contact. (BTW. test that the contact form is working)

3. Create a landing page. If you need a good example check out these examples or go to unbounce.com and pay for their service.

Why do you need a landing page? It’s a simple page for you to capture leads without the sidebar or navigation distractions that might take a potential lead to some other area on your site. You want them focused on your main goal–getting their contact information.

4. Create something appealing to get the users info. I recommend ebooks. If I were a tutor I’d do some keyword research (maybe a future blog post) and find out what people are searching for and write an ebook about that. They don’t need to be long–maybe 30 pages. And then give it away as a Kindle book on Amazon while promoting your landing pages within it. Tell them you have more information, etc. and give them the url.

5. Also, give that same ebook away as a free download on a landing page. Once someone gives you their info they can download the ebook.

6. Everyone gets those free $100 Google Adwords cards in the mail don’t they? If not you can do a search for them and get the code. If you can get your free $100 you can run some Google Adwords promoting your ebook. Even if you can’t or don’t have a code, set aside $100 of your own money and run an Adwords campaign to see how many leads you get and then start to figure out your conversions. This will lead to estimating your ROI.

I know that #6 is a lot to swallow if this is all new to you, but in the next few articles I’ll break each of these down and tell you how to do each step. Until then, hopefully this will get you started!


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