Best WordPress contact form plugin


I have used a lot of WordPress contact forms–some good, some bad and some that just didn’t work. But the all-star is Gravity Forms. Most people don’t give it a shot because it costs money, $39 for the lowest level, but if you want to add any types of functionality to a contact form, connect it with a CRM or some email program such as MailChimp its the way to go.

The one thing I really like about Gravity Forms is the ability to do the following:
1. Export all emails to a CSV which you can import into an email marketing tool. I prefer MailChimp.
2. You can create a vast amount of forms with it–its extremely flexible. You can create the simplest type of form, like a contact form. Or even more sophisticated, a form where a user can actually write an article and be saved into your Posts as a draft with images! It even understands content types.

Amazingly, you can even use it to charge users money to do things like fill out a form and go to a downloads page. Gravity Forms can make it simple with hooking into Paypal.

Learn more about Gravity Forms features here.. I’m not an affiliate so I don’t make money if you buy it.



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