Sometimes a free service gets you more in the end


I remember when I moved to Connecticut years ago I needed to get my glasses adjusted and to find an eye doctor. The most pressing issue was to get a pair of glasses adjusted because they were killing my ears.

So I happened upon a quaint eye doctor’s office that sold glasses. This wasn’t a fancy place, the eye doctor also fitted your glasses. What do you expect in a small town? It seemed perfect. I’d get a doctor who’d know and remember me. But first I needed to get my glasses adjusted.

I went inside, looked around and made an appointment. I asked to get my glasses adjusted and the doctor came out and adjusted them. We chatted for a few minutes as he adjusted them, and he seemed like a pretty nice, knowledgeable guy. He got my glasses fitted and instantly cured the pressure I was feeling above and behind my ears. But as I started to turn to walk out he said “wait.”

I thought perhaps I forgot something. Instead, he told me it was ten bucks for the adjustment. I was stunned. I’ve never been charged for an adjustment. But I couldn’t just leave, so I paid and went on my way. But when I got home I cancelled my appointment for an eye exam and found another doctor: One who didn’t charge to adjust my glasses. But he did get years worth of eye exams and sold me a few pairs of glasses.


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