Another reason movie studio executives hurt themselves


I know, some of you are my friends.. but some movie studio executives are morons.

Someone at a movie studio–they will remain nameless–made YouTube yank down a video from blogger Kevin Lee because it had copyrighted material in it. Here is the irony, he was doing a movie review on video. Yeah, he was reviewing the movie and used clips. You know, like the guy on your late night news channel does.

Everyone gets away with it because its fair use. And because this wasn’t first time someone complained about Kevin Lee, yes there are two other moronic movie studios out there, he got dropped from YouTube completely. All 70 of his videos. YouTube was put in a bad position–but there is no way Lee would be convicted.

Does anyone know what bad PR is anymore? This is as bad a PR move as you’ll see. The big bad corporate giant going after someone promote their product. What’s next–some movie exec trying to sue me for libel while bashing “Bride Wars” to my friends?


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