Saturday, December 9, 2023
google cloud platform

How to run notebook in Google Cloud for Machine Learning

Step one: Go to Google Cloud Platform and create a Project. Step two: Click Activate Cloud Shell Step three: In the console you will want to...

Learn Project Management with Basecamp – Online

Become a Project Management Ninja. You can go from managing projects in your email to managing them in Basecamp-used by companies like NIKE, FOX,...
machine learning

What is probability mass function?

Probability mass function is recognized as a probability that is distributed over discrete variables. First, probability mass function is always denoted with the capital P. Second,...
machine learning

Machine Learning Algorithms for beginners

Below are some basics on machine learning algorithms. This is for beginners who are trying to get a better understanding about machine learning and...

How I wrote a terrible machine learning Nirvana song

We all see articles on how this is successful or that is successful and we get to brag about our successes. But what about...
r programming

How to: Import NFL Data into R / R Studio – HTML import

If you want to start running some cool analysis on NFL data (or any other sport for that matter) there are a number of...
histogram in r

Learning R plot with NFL Data wins vs. yards allowed

R plot data doesn't need to be boring. Being an NFL football fan has made it a lot more interesting to create lessons on...

Genetic Programming is an awesome way to tackle machine learning problems

I don't know how I missed out on genetic programming. I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground. It reminds me...

How to Import Data as CSV into R

There are a few different ways to import data into R. We will cover two ways in this post, downloading a file from the...

How to drop columns in a pandas dataframe

Pandas is a great tool for working on any machine learning or data science project. It's a fundamental part of data wrangling. In this...
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