Saturday, June 10, 2023
machine learning

How to make the first row in your spreadsheet or dataframe the header in...

If you have imported a CSV file into your notebook and use Pandas to view the dataframe you might find that the header of...
ghost blogging platform

Curious about Ghost Blogging Platform?

What is Ghost? According to their website: "Ghost is an Open Source application which allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you...

How to get a bitcoin wallet

After how to get bitcoin, the most often asked question is how to get a bitcoin wallet. New bitcoin wallets are being released all of...
sklearn label encoder

Feature Engineering: LabelEncoder sklearn example

A big part of machine learning is data cleanup and feature engineering. A good tool in your data science toolkit will be label encoding....
histogram in r

Learning R plot with NFL Data wins vs. yards allowed

R plot data doesn't need to be boring. Being an NFL football fan has made it a lot more interesting to create lessons on...
ai in the eu

What is the Python sorted function? An example of how to use it.

The Python sort function is very straight-forward. The easiest way to think about this is the various ways you can sort files on your...

Learn Project Management with Basecamp – Online

Become a Project Management Ninja. You can go from managing projects in your email to managing them in Basecamp-used by companies like NIKE, FOX,...
r programming

How to program a For Loop in R

Just apply! What does that even mean? Well, some R programmers will tell you to use the apply function (lapply or sapply) to loop....
r programming

How to: Import NFL Data into R / R Studio – HTML import

If you want to start running some cool analysis on NFL data (or any other sport for that matter) there are a number of...

How to Get, Set or Change your working directory in R

If you are just starting out in R it'll be important to know how to determine your working directory or how to find the...
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