Friday, May 24, 2024
r programming

How to learn R programming

If you've wanted to learn R programming but didn't know where to start there is a great R packaged called Swirl that teaches you...

Learn Project Management with Basecamp – Online

Become a Project Management Ninja. You can go from managing projects in your email to managing them in Basecamp-used by companies like NIKE, FOX,...
google cloud platform

How to convert Google Colabs from Python 2 to Python 3

I don't know why Google Colabs defaults to Python 2, regardless, it's extremely easy to change your notebook to Python 3. It's so easy...
machine learning

What is probability mass function?

Probability mass function is recognized as a probability that is distributed over discrete variables. First, probability mass function is always denoted with the capital P. Second,...
machine learning

How to make the first row in your spreadsheet or dataframe the header in...

If you have imported a CSV file into your notebook and use Pandas to view the dataframe you might find that the header of...

Analyzing NFL Concussion data for Kaggle Data Science Competition

Recently, I entered the NFL Concussion on punt returns contest for data scientists. It wasn't the normal machine learning problem. In fact, it is...

Genetic Programming is an awesome way to tackle machine learning problems

I don't know how I missed out on genetic programming. I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the ground. It reminds me...
google cloud platform

How to run notebook in Google Cloud for Machine Learning

Step one: Go to Google Cloud Platform and create a Project. Step two: Click Activate Cloud Shell Step three: In the console you will want to...

Data Wrangling: Cleaning up Ohio Crime Data for Machine Learning

Often it seems like the biggest part of machine learning is actually acquiring and cleaning up data. The state of Ohio provides crime data...

How to run iPython notebook online for Machine Learning projects

Recently Google had a Kaggle image contest with test and train image dataset files that were well over a TB in size. My Macbook...
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