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There are a few different movie theater companies in the Salt Lake City area but there is only one that we frequent with our kids. Why is that the only theater we go to when the screens and seats are mostly the same? It’s simple: the convenience of reserved seats.

Who cares you say? I do. I like to sit in an aisle seat so that any member of the family can freely get up and go to the bathroom. Kids in particular seem to change their minds about when they have to go and crawling across people’s laps is never fun. I like that I can buy my seats online, or when I walk in, and know exactly where I’m sitting. That way there is no rush while grabbing popcorn, using the restroom and other things that could come up before the movie starts.

I’m sure other cities have theaters with reserved seating, but I’ve lived in, and visited many cities, and this is the first time I’ve run into a theater that does this.

So here is a thought: What about event parking with the same idea? Everyone rushes to the arena way to early just to get a parking spot. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just order and choose your parking spot online. Maybe do an auction for the great parking spots or just charge more for them?

My son and I went to a Jazz playoff game and for a few dollars extra we had the reserved parking area. Sure, I was guaranteed a parking spot, but for all we knew it could have been the farthest spot from the arena. But, what if I knew that in the beginning? I could have planned accordingly.

Certainly people would pay more for the privilege of choosing their parking spot at each event. It would also make it easier for parking attendants to cycle drivers to their areas which would speed up the whole process. Convenience is king and someone is always willing to pay for it.


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