Talking a good game


A funny thing happened to me at Target yesterday. There was a cashier who talked a lot. Talked to the point of being a little weird. But he talked about wanting to make people happy in hopes that they would come back again–which he said would keep him employed. True enough.

So even as weird as this guy’s incessant talking was he also seemed to care about customer service and quality service. The problem is with all his talking he didn’t pay attention to the finer details of his job–like not charging me multiple times for the same product.

When you talk a good game make sure you can back it up–because you will be called on it. If only this young man did his entire job my conversations about this incident would have been different. Rather than talking about the guy who talked to much and overcharged me at Target I would have told them about the guy who talked a lot but cared a ton. Sadly its a fine line that can make or break your image.


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