Service? Who gives a crap about service?


Today at the gym I saw a trainer texting while his client was killing themselves on the leg press. If I looked up and my personal trainer was texting during my time I’d fire them. He couldn’t wait until after to return a text? It was embarrassing.

The bad part is that the person was probably too nice to say anything. And that is a problem too. One person accepting that kind of behavior makes him think its okay and then if the next person does the same and the the trainer believe its a proper thing to do. And that is part of the problem at most companies. They start out meaning well and hoping to provide good service, but over time it slips and slips and those who use the service just build a tolerance for decreasing service quality. It happens all the time and it has grown more and more acceptable. But for those who never let their service slide will find themselves on top. Service still counts and if you provide great service then you will win in the end.


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