Cable television and the big missed opportunity


What year is it again? If you time warped from the year 2000 to your couch could you tell anything changed with cable? Not much has changed chwith the cable industry. They charge more, but they still don’t offer much in the way of progress.

How in the digital age can our remote controls still do so little. All the cable companies have feared the DVR so much that they have castrated it. And in doing so they have hurt the advertising industry even more. How? Well wouldn’t it be cool if we could actually interact with a commercial? Click something for more information? What if before we zipped past all the commercials the DVR stopped for one second and showed an a image of each commercial that you were going to miss. And if you had any interest you could watch one of them. If not you’d just go right to the next part of your television show? And what if at the end of the show the commercial companies made special offers just for you because you gave them a second chance?

The cable companies have hurt their own programming, too. How hard would it be for the cable company to allow me to set up recording for a new show that I saw during a commercial? Your telling me they can’t figure that problem out? I’d probably have a half a dozen more shows set to record if I knew how to find them. The cable company could have made it easy and just let me click an info button during the show and go over and set up recording for the future.

When cable companies go the way of the newspaper they will only have themselves to blame. Sorry Comcast. Sorry Time Warner. Sorry Cox. Sorry you laid all that line and wasted so much time.


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