Google Analytics Dashboards for SEO, Social Media and more


Google Analytics has done a pretty good job of creating dashboard widgets that you can customize until your heart is content. Any way you can segment within general Google Analytics you can also create a segmented widget for your dashboard.

Below I will give you a list of handful of really cool dashboards that we are using for our analytics.

SEO analytics dashboard: Click here to add to your analytics

The SEO dashboard gives you all the non-organic searches–however you will need to go into the sprockets and remove your site name. See image below for an example.

Google Analytics Dashboard

Social Media dashboard: Click here to add to your analytics

Here you will get a huge amount of social media information from traffic from social media, shares and more.

Site Conversions: Click here to add to your analytics

If you are tracking conversions you will get a lot of this dashboards. Everyone tracks a few things differently but this will allow you to adjust as needed.

Weekly Review: Click here to add your analytics

If you want to track your weekly progress this dashboard will get you there.


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