California Pizza Kitchen can’t take out the onions


The California Pizza Kitchen almost has too much to choose from. It took a good ten minutes to try and work my way through their menu to find something. The most interesting was the Greek pizza. Except I hate onions. So here is where it gets interesting, or uninteresting. The waitress told me that they can’t take the onions out because its already in the mix.

Two glaring problems jump right out. First, their ingredients can’t be fresh. Right? The fact that I’m questioning this isn’t a good sign already. Or is it all in a baggy somewhere so it can be tossed a pizza? Is it a frozen mix? Some mix in a bad that gets dumped on a pizza? It didn’t seem to make a lot of sense other than the pizza was obviously not made to order and they just dumped a whole bunch of crap on my pizza that someone wasn’t smart enough to do on their own.

Second, since when is the patron not able to select something they want or don’t want on their food? Of course I ranted about Subway and their terrible subs because we have to choose everything. What I’m saying is that there is a happy medium between choosing every topic and removing a topic.

My experience? California Pizza Kitchen sucked. I had to take the onions off myself, per the waitresses recommendation, and along with the onions most everything else fell off. I ended up with mostly a cheese pizza. I miss the days of watching a guy toss around the crust and grab some ingredients and make the pizza live for me.


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