What is your company dabbling in?


I have friends who run businesses. Friends who work at all different types of companies and the government. What does everyone one of them have in common? They all dabble in something.

Let’s define dabbling: to work at anything in an irregular or superficial manner.

So what does it mean to dabble in business?

Example:  A company notices that other companies are making money from SEO. So they hire one person to do SEO. Even though the company they are competing with has a dozen SEO people. At all different levels. Conclusion: you aren’t providing a real service, you are just doing enough. You are trying to superficially earn a few extra bucks while providing a sub par service for your clients.

iphoneDoes anyone believe that Apple dabbles in things? They pour amazing brainpower and resources into products. They don’t release a hundred products. They release a few brilliant products. Apple doesn’t cut corners or try to just make the grade. They push the envelope. Apple wasn’t even in the music business until it redefined it. They didn’t dabble. They defined. Anyone know the products record labels released trying to compete with iTunes? Or Napster for that matter? Exactly.

If your company wants to introduce an amazing product and the question comes to resources and your told just take Jimmy, Freddy and Burt from department B, don’t do it. If you believe your product or service needs X,Y and Z then don’t settle for X. Go all the way or go no way. Don’t dabble. Do it right the first time.



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