Facebook Lead Generation better than Google Adwords?


Is Facebook better at lead generation than Google Adwords? That depends on what you are trying to achieve. During a campaign just in the last week Google Adwords against Facebook for generating leads doesn’t appear to be a close match even though their conversion rates didn’t appear to be vastly different. Google Adwords generated around a 6% conversion rate while Facebook converted around 10%. That doesn’t seem like a huge difference overall, but what was significant was that Facebook was producing around 30 new leads to every 1-2 leads generated from Google Adwords.

Why? Better targeting. We knew precisely who we wanted to target and with what message. This used to be something that Google would boast about, but the difference is that Google was driving 100k impressions but very few clicks. Sure, the conversions rates look good, but for less impressions Facebook actually had a significantly higher click-through rate on less impressions. Google Adwords produced a ~.50% click-through rate. Facebook was around 10%. Which means for every 1000 ad views Google Adwords would produce 5 clicks while Facebook would produce 100. Now you can see how significant the numbers are.

If you have to run a campaign to generate leads–proof positive that Facebook can generate those leads quicker than Google Adwords.


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