Too much choice can often be a bad thing


I hate when you go to a fast food places and they have too many options and am rushed by the dozen people behind you in line and the people behind the counter. I went to a Mexican fast food place and had lunch the other day. They had 50 things to chose from. How can someone chose in such a short time with everyone rushing you? Make it simple. Subway screwed it up for everyone. They gave the customer choices and now every new fast food place feels like they have to give you more choices and you have to make your own meal. So what do you get? Some terrible concoction of food that you have no real expertise in putting together. I still remember going to Subway once and asked the person behind the counter what should I put on my Teriyaki Chicken sub and they didn’t know. So I’m supposed to know how to make their “special sub”? How does that make sense?

Imagine if you went to a car dealership and you had to decide everything. The tires, engine, interior, exterior, brake pads, exhaust, etc. How good do you think that car would turn out without some sort of engineering degree? I wouldn’t even drive the car I created. It’d be some Frankenstein that nobody would want to drive.

Choice is good, for some things. But others, leave it to a professional.


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