Samsung announces Neon AI virtual living beings

samsung neon

Samsung’s Neon people are not people, really, more like AI virtual humans. They describe the Neon technology as “a computationally created virtual being that looks and behaves like a real human, with the ability to show emotions and intelligence.”

“Neons are not AI assistants,” the company said. “Neons are more like us, an independent but virtual living being, who can show emotions and learn from experiences. Unlike AI assistants, Neons do not know it all, and they are not an interface to the internet to ask for weather updates or to play your favorite music.”

Neons are designed to have conversations and behave like humans. They can form memories and learn new skills and help with “goal-oriented tasks or can be personalized to assist in tasks that require human touch.” They can act as teachers, financial advisers, health care providers, concierges, actors, spokespeople or TV anchors.

And each Neon is unique, with its own personality. “There are millions of species on our planet, and we hope to add one more,” Pranav Mistry, Neon CEO and head of STAR Labs, said in a press release. “Neons will be our friends, collaborators and companions, continually learning, evolving and forming memories from their interactions.”

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