How newspapers can run themselves out of business


The geniuses are at it in Philly. The Philadelphia Inquirer has decided not to publish news first on the web. Nope, they want to save the sacred cow. They will instead hold stories until the paper hits your doorstep. Great idea!! You wouldn’t want to try and compete with CNN, Yahoo, the local television stations and every media outlet in the world would you? Nah. That’s too hard. Besides, they have a sacred cow to feed.

Anyone want to do a death poll? I give this strategy or the newspaper 6 months before they die or the person who came up with it is working for the Wilton Acorn. Don’t they realize sacred cows die eventually?

If anything newspapers should be learning from their biggest mistake–not preparing for the internet fast enough. They let classifieds slip through their fingers and now many are woefully behind even the smallest startup companies.

It’s a shame that some of the most historical companies in America will soon run themselves right out of business. I wonder if the Wilton Acorn is hiring.


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