Monday, July 22, 2024

How to fail and still succeed – a little data science fun

This past week has been brutal on my sinuses. And being that I'm the type who has to find some science in nearly everything....

How to run iPython notebook online for Machine Learning projects

Recently Google had a Kaggle image contest with test and train image dataset files that were well over a TB in size. My Macbook...
sklearn label encoder

Feature Engineering: LabelEncoder sklearn example

A big part of machine learning is data cleanup and feature engineering. A good tool in your data science toolkit will be label encoding....

How I wrote a terrible machine learning Nirvana song

We all see articles on how this is successful or that is successful and we get to brag about our successes. But what about...
machine learning

Set up the best parameters for Deep Learning RNN with Grid Search

Most of the time I've spent on Kaggle contests have been hyperparameter optimization. It's a major part of deep learning and fine tuning if...

How to import data into Python to run Machine Learning projects

One of the most important aspects of running any machine learning program is the ability to pull in data from various sources and of...
machine learning algorithm

How to select the best model from multiple machine learning algorithms

There are many ways to figure out which machine learning algorithm is the best for your dataset. One, you can just pick one and...
ai in the eu

What is the Python sorted function? An example of how to use it.

The Python sort function is very straight-forward. The easiest way to think about this is the various ways you can sort files on your...
google cloud platform

How to run notebook in Google Cloud for Machine Learning

Step one: Go to Google Cloud Platform and create a Project. Step two: Click Activate Cloud Shell Step three: In the console you will want to...
machine learning

Machine Learning Algorithms for beginners

Below are some basics on machine learning algorithms. This is for beginners who are trying to get a better understanding about machine learning and...
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