Machine Learning NFL: My rule changes for punts


The NFL has created a competition in an attempt to reduce concussions on punt plays. Read more about the competition in my previous post.

My proposal, see presentation here, is that the NFL stops allowing punt returns altogether. Where the punt lands is where the return team takes possession. This might sound extremely boring, but when is the last time a punt play was exciting? Also, why is every fourth down generally involve someone kicking the ball? It’s lame.

Here is my twist. Anyone can kick the ball. If you want to leave in your quarterback and put him to go into shotgun, see what he has or punt.. so be it. Same goes for a RB or WR. The punter doesn’t matter. As long as they are behind the line of scrimmage they can either play the down or punt.

Wouldn’t that be a lot more interesting than some fake punt where the punter tries to throw or run? Or some other lame trick plays? Teams their offenses only to give it up to part-time players to try and pull off a trick play? It’s silly and boring.

I don’t know that I’ll win, but guess we’ll find out next year!


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