Monday, March 27, 2023
samsung neon

Samsung announces Neon AI virtual living beings

Samsung's Neon people are not people, really, more like AI virtual humans. They describe the Neon technology as "a computationally created virtual being that...

Germany is falling behind the rest of the world on artificial intelligence

Smart devices outfitted with voice-controlled digital assistants are omnipresent now -- and likely featured under many Christmas trees this holiday season. These programs perform...

EU is considering laws to make sure AI is used in an ethical way

The EU is set to propose new rules to "high-risk sectors" and is an attempt to catch up to the U.S. and China on...
Google AI chief Jeff Dean

Google AI chief outlines machine learning trends in 2020

At the Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) conference in Vancouver, Canada, Google AI chief Jeff Dean, gave talks at workshops about how machine learning...

Baidu beat Microsoft and Google in an ongoing competition in AI

Baidu, China’s Google, beat Google and Microsoft in the AI competition General Language Understanding Evaluation (GLUE). GLUE is recognized for how well an AI system...

Google’s new AI models give nearly instantaneous weather forecasts

Google is now in the weather business with "nearly instantaneous" weather forecasts. Google’s researchers say that they can generate accurate rainfall predictions up to six...
AI Michigan

Optical imaging and artificial intelligence are making brain tumor diagnosis quicker and more precise

0 Neurosurgeons may leave the operating room more confident now than ever before about their patient's brain tumor analysis, thanks to integration with a new...

Purdue University is Creating Better Drugs With Deep Learning and Improved Protein Modeling

Purdue University researchers are using deep learning to design a novel approach to better understand how proteins interact in the body. This allows them...

Apple Buys AI company

Apple has acquired artificial intelligence company build tools that help AI algorithms to run on devices rather than data centers. came...
Google Recorder

The Machine Learning Behind Google’s Android Recorder

Over the previous two decades, Google has made data widely available through internet search -- from basic information, videos and photos, on maps and...
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