Sunday wrap-up


Why am I blogging while watching football? Well besides that fact that its party time because the Buffalo Bills destroyed Seattle, something just sparked an idea.

I’m watching the NFL on Fox and wondering to myself, while I listen to some really bad color commentary: what are other Bills fans thinking? What do they think about that punt returned for a touchdown? Are they happy because Tom Brady is injured (yes this is sick, but its true)?

This isn’t reinventing the wheel but what about running questions/comments across the screen and tell me how I can get involved with live conversations online. I might even record the game if I thought my nickname was going to show up with my comment or call a few friends and family and tell them I’m famous. Even for five seconds of fame. But the lasting effect are loyal fans of your games, even when its not their team playing. We’re human and humans want to be apart of the conversation not just passive observers.

One last note: Get the commentators involved–maybe even have the sideline reporter ask the coach one of our questions. Now that is interactivity.


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