Tell Comcast its 2009


Comcast Cares right? So they say. But just because your customer service people seem nice doesn’t fix other issues–like poor quality products.

My wife ordered “Twilight” on OnDemand. Halfway through the movie the DVR errored out. We went to saved programs and hit play. It errored out again. The second time we went there it was gone. Ten minutes waiting on a Saturday night for someone to answer customer service and we found out we had to purchase it again. Sure, we won’t get charged twice. It was annoying enough to go through this, but what was even worse is how glaringly bad Comcast’s DVR is compared to TiVo.

Why doesn’t Comcast allow users to fast-forward more than one speed (which is ultra slow fast forward) when in OnDemand instead of four different speeds like it does for regular shows? TiVo lets you jump ahead at different time intervals and fast-forward. It did this 9 years ago!

I’ve been begging my wife to allow us to go back to DirecTV (we don’t have it now because basic Comcast comes with our HOA). But this was the last straw. All I can say is: Thank you Comcast for having such a bad product and proving yourself once again. You just gave me a great gift, my wife finally agreed to DirecTV.

Remember. It’s not about how nice your customer service people are. It’s still about your product. And an average product doesn’t cut it.


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