Where can I buy Oxyfresh?


That’s the exact question I tried to sort out. But when I went to their website that information was no where to be found. My only assumption is that they aren’t sold in stores. Even if you don’t sell a product in stores it would be nice to know. It’s in a companies best interest to give as much information as possible about their products.

So Oxyfresh had me interested enough to do a search–but has delayed my purchase by only being available online. And the fact that they don’t have any information about purchasing the product, other than on their website, they may have lost a customer.


  1. Hi–
    I saw your comment on the web. In the interest of helping you although you may have already found what you are looking for, Oxyfresh products are also sold through Dental Practices or Vets depending on what you want. Plus, a distributor can help you get what you need before you decide to be an online customer. Hope that helps. Send me an email and I’ll be happy to get you started. What was it that you were looking to purchase? Thanx!

  2. Oxyfresh refuses to provide names of distributors of their products in Philadelphia. Try Thera toothpaste it is her good and you do not have to deal with Oxyfresh and its arrogance.


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