Finland has released a crash course in artificial intelligence (AI) to all European Union citizens


The Finland launch for their free crash course in artificial intelligence came as a Christmas present to European citizens. The six-week program will soon be accessible for everyone to shoot, and the path was translated into each EU language. The program isn’t limited by place, so people beyond the EU can take it also.

The program is popular in Finland, and over one percent of the 5.5 million taxpayers of this country signed up. The program is known as Elements of AI, also it gives a means for people to learn the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI). Together with the rising influence of AI technologies in our society, it’s necessary for individuals to be well prepared and have a simple comprehension.

The training course is a 2 million project and also a”civics class in AI,” based on Teemu Roos, a University of Helsinki associate professor at the department of computer science. He explained that it’s supposed to assist EU citizens eventually become accustomed to the shifting of the market and raising digitalization.

Within the program, basic AI theories are covered. It doesn’t cover tougher areas like coding.

“We’ve got enormous capacity in Europe but what we lack is investments in to AI,” Roos said. This comes at a time when other countries like China are pouring cash into AI technology.

According to officials, the training course is intended for many EU citizens, regardless of their age, education or livelihood.

Finland started “The Components of AI” back in 2018, and it’s been tremendously profitable. It’s by far the most popular class ever offered from the University of Helsinki. The college dates back to 1640, and the class has had over 220,000 students from over 110 countries, based on Roos.

A quarter of those pupils who have registered are aged 45 and older, and approximately 40 percent are girls. In what is often a male-dominated sector, the share of women among the participants is roughly 60%.

The course includes many modules, and it continues around 6 months full time. When it’s taken at a slower rate, it is going to last about half a year. That ought to be completed over the next couple of decades.

Megan Schaible is the COO of Reaktor Education, and she talked about the cooperation between the Business and the college. According to her, they’re working together”to demonstrate that AI shouldn’t be left in the hands of a couple of elite coders.”

Whoever moves the course will get an official University of Helsinki degree, and several EU universities can give credits to the program. If that’s true, pupils could include it in their program.

Finland is now a significant state in the technology market. Back in September, Google established the free-of-charge Digital Garage training hub at the capital. Its objective is to help people find jobs, in addition to entrepreneurs and kids to boost their electronic skills.


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