Why a website can really save you money


Recently I had a problem with a hinge on my Dell laptop. I called Dell and thanks to our company’s service agreement they came and fixed it free. That sounds good except it took longer for me to make the appointment than it did to fix my laptop.

All the technician had to do is go under my keyboard and tighten four screws. I’m pretty smart and with some simple instructions online could have taken care of it myself. Sure Dell had some things but not the solution to my problem. Here is an idea–have your technicians write up instructions for things they’ve fixed that didn’t need a replacement item for–like tightening my screws–and pay them extra for it. That’d certainly save some more cash in the future. It took a week to fix something that I could have, and would happily, fixed in 5 minutes and for something that cost Dell money as well.


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