How much does it cost me for you to sell me something?


Here is the scenario, and maybe a few of you have gone through this, but I’m still wholesale jerseys shaking my head over this experience.

It’s July 4th morning, my son and I are looking for something to do. We Top occasionally like to take a дерева day and veg and play video games together. I decided to buy a new video game and Gamestop happens to be the closest store. The wholesale mlb jerseys problem is that I have no idea if they are open for the holiday because the information isn’t available online ( *Holiday hours may vary. fun Check with your local store for more information). That’s the first cheap mlb jerseys mistake. But that is minor compared to and what I got next.

The phone rang and rang but no answer. After about a dozen rings a recording came on and said that if I wanted someone to call wholesale nba jerseys me back I’d have to pay $.95. That’s right, I have to pay them in order for them to make more money off me. If that is Gamestop’s idea of customer service I don’t want to be Entre their customer. Wal-Mart answered their phone for free and were happy to have my business. Sorry Gamestop, find someone else to pay your phone bill.


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