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I’ve had something wrong with my foot for about a week. It felt broken for a few days and then over time its slowly felt better. But I’d have avoided the doctor for as long as possible because doctor’s visits are often as agonizing as the issue that brought you there.

But this visit was different. Not only did I not wait a long time, but the doctor spent time with me without feeling rushed. He also asked me to call him back the day that I felt better so he could make note of it and better treat me in the future. Huh? That’s never happened to me before, maybe I’ve just had bad doctors all my life. The fact that he cared about me and what would help future patients was great and wasn’t just trying to make a buck off a follow-up visit. I just wish my general practitioner cared this much.

My doctor didn’t do this to get me to spread word-of-mouth about his practice, he did it because he cared. But by wanting to go above and beyond he got something better than a happy patient–he’ll get future patients. By the way, I found out about him through a referral.


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