Cinemark off the mark


Nothing is worse than when you want to purchase something online and its hard. Buying anything should be made as easy as possible.. but if you try to use a gift card online through Cinemark good luck.

I went in to use a gift card and then got an error. They didn’t have my email on record. Right, because I didn’t register and didn’t really want to. I just wanted to use my gift card to get movie tickets for my daughter and I. So I’m forced to register and do so. So I go back through the process and submit my information. Opps, another error. My gift card wasn’t registered to my email address ahead of time. What? I was putting in the gift card information and they had my registered email–they couldn’t do that all in one form? So now I have to go back to my profile and register my gift card with a name. So I registered the user “Charlie.” I should have registered it under something silly just to see if it mattered, but I was already losing patience.

So I finally get in and fill out all the information and guess what? I’m told that I have to “You must bring your confirmation number to the theater to pick up your tickets!” which is 13 digits. What year is this? I have a Blackberry so this is easy, but what If I didn’t? Does this make any sense? Most theaters you just go and swipe the gift card and get your tickets. This might be the case with Cinemark too but then why does the confirmation email open with the following: “Your Confirmation Number is: and tell me “You must bring your confirmation number to the theater to pick up your tickets!” if it isn’t true? This is a fast way to lose business.

The bad news for Cinemark is that I’ve not used their theaters in Utah but was going to give them a try and if you compare their experience with the other theater there is no comparison. I’m glad I have other theaters in my area so I can avoid this again.


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