Rated the best… huh?


How many times have you read or heard something was rated the best? While on vacation in Kauai our hotel’s island guide said the golf course at our hotel was rated the best in Hawaii. My question was “by who?” I wasn’t surprised to find out they had no idea who rated it. But even if they had known it wouldn’t have mattered. I’d rather have a handful of friends, or people with similar interests, tell me something was great rather than some expert. What is great for an expert doesn’t make it great for me.

This is what makes the social aspects of the web so great and growing in vitality. I’d love to see a website that rates everything from restaurants to hotels to golf courses to food and as I build my profile it starts to recommend things based on interests, taste and skill level. If I like to hike, but its obvious my skill level is for easier trails than it could recommend similar trails, but if I select my desire to take it up a notch it could figure that out as well.

This website could take the Netflix “Movies you’ll love” to a whole new level. This would help lead to reviews that matter to me. And help me avoid foods and services that use marketing slogans that sound like recommendations–like my soy sauce that claims its “used by great chefs”.


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