How to get Attribution for your Blog and know who is Copying your Work


Okay, it doesn’t work perfectly, but ever wondered who is copying your work and what they are doing with it? Even worse, want to know if someone is giving you attribution and know if someone is linking back to your site after taking an excerpt?

Although its not foolproof, Tynt is a start. It’s a service that automatically puts a link at the end of the copied text so if someone puts it in an email or on their website (and don’t delete the link) then you can track it. Tynt puts a tracking code at the end of the url and gives you a dashboard to track.

I’ve just started to use Tynt so more to come, at least for now it automatically puts a link at the end and I don’t have to hope someone does that extra step. All you have to do is go through the steps and paste the javascript in between your tags.

Cut and paste some text from this article to give it a test.


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