What can you learn from Russell on “Survivor: Samoa”


So is Russell the hardest working player ever on Survivor or the worst character ever on Survivor? The first few weeks, my guess is, most viewers probably hated Russell. However, it didn’t take long to see how hard he played the game and become a fan of Russell. In some odd way we can relate to his take-no-prisoners attitude.

What does it say about us? Because Russell’s game didn’t change. He played the game the same. He cheated, he lied and did whatever it took to win. The question is whether winning is the most important thing in life. Some people have that competitive level where they live to win. And that is something that is very American. Isn’t that part of the American dream? Win at all costs? Sure, the American dream is characterized as something that is supposed to be a bit more moral–but is it?

Banks play to win. Sporting teams play to win. Government candidates play to win. Does anyone think a presidential campaign is any more moral than Russell playing Survivor? Obama and McCain played the game. Companies play games every day. The game is winning. What does that say about us?


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