Only preach when action matches


There are a lot of companies that preach greatness but retain average, at best, employees. They allow them to wallow in the company while those business units suffer. How can you preach greatness when weak employees take up seats.

Often employees stay because people like them personally. Sometimes they are afraid to fire someone. Or they retain them because they are cheap. No matter what the excuse, subpar employees should be let go.

Its not hard to spot these individuals. We all know who they are. The worst part about retaining subpar employees is the effect they have on other employees. Bad employees hurt morale. They hurt production. And they undermine managers who have to figure out ways to make up for their weak performance.

There is a reason some companies are a lot better than others. If you look at their management and employee pool you’ll find smart people.

How do you fix it? Honest evaluations. Probations. Fire some of the worst offenders and see if it starts to reach employees who might be on the bubble. You cannot afford inaction.


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