Go Daddy customer service is surprising


Far too often our experiences with customer service is painful. And it often happens overseas. Over the past few days I’ve dealt with Go Daddy’s customer service on two separate occasions and both were very good.

The first occasion was to cancel one account, I was hosting four seperate websites with them and found out that I could combine them all under one account and pay 3/4 the price a month. I was skeptical and asked a lot of questions, but they were right. I purchased a deluxe hosting package, paid for three years and can host 25 database driven sites and get a monster amount of bandwidth.  The total per month is around $5 for the deal they gave me.

The second occasion was an issue with moving my accounts to the deluxe hosting. One of my DNS addresses wasn’t resolving and they were on it fast and were very helpful. Not only are they quick to get a human on the phone, but they are friendly and American. That last remark might sound snarky but far to often I’ve gotten on the phone with customer service overseas and got no help, no answers and no satisfaction.

Network Solutions was a monopoly. At one point nearly everyone registered domains with them. And like most monopolies they grew lazy and didn’t care about customer service. I hosted sites with them and they were impossible to deal with, often leaving me on hold for an hour. I hosted the longest with Earthlink, who had great customer service, the problem was that they got into the game of things like MySQL far too late. I have no idea where they are now, but after years of lagging in technology I left Earthlink. I was with MediaTemple for about a year and found their gridservice performance too unreliable and far slower than promised.

Go Daddy gets an A+ in all around customer service and support. I’m crossing my fingers that they resolve my DNS issue quick so I don’t have to redraft this blog post.


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