Square could make my commuters lives easier


Anyone who has ridden Metro North out of NYC has on occasion had to rush to a train without a ticket. And if you don’t have cash you are up the creek. Not only that, but paying with cash is even more expensive.

How is it in 2012 that trains in America don’t take credit cards? Not only that, but there are still conductors on trains punching tickets and they don’t take credit cards.

This is where Square comes in. You know the credit card swipe dongle that goes on the iPhone in the shape of a square? Anyway, if I was at Square I’d give every conductor on the Metro North a free iPhone and pay their monthly bill just to get them to use Square. They’d probably cover their costs in a day for a years worth of iPhones and monthly bills.

Not only that–they’d make a lot of commuters lives a lot happier!


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